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2021 marks 40 years since females were allowed, or more importantly given the opportunity, to obtain their Bronze Medallions, put on the iconic red and yellow colours and patrol our beaches. This was available to all women in life saving from the 1st July 1980 with the first intake of 5 females at Clifton gaining their Bronze medallions in January 1981.

Since the first intake, Clifton Beach Surf Club has grown with over 200 girls and women gaining their Bronze Medallions and with as many as sixteen females in each of the years 1991 and 2009. Of those, we can also proudly claim Mary Donaldson, Princess Mary of Denmark as one who gained her Bronze Medallion at Clifton on 10 January 1993.

It is fabulous to see women so totally involved, welcomed and appreciated now in every aspect of Surf Life Saving as we celebrate and salute all of our amazing and courageous female members who make up an integral part of our team. We look forward to many more joining our ranks and helping to keep the beaches safe.

Craig Rogerson

President Clifton Beach SLSC, 2021

Celebrating 40 Years of Females in
Surf Life Saving at Clifton Beach

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